PU’s Int. Folklore Festival – India, Vadodara

We are delighted to invite your esteemed folklore group to participate in the Parul University’s International Folklore Festival 2024, tobe held from 8th to 13th December 2024 at our campus in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.This festival aims to foster cultural exchange and cooperation by bringing together folklore groups and ensembles from around the world. Our objective […]

World Dance & Music Festival “Udbhav Utsav” – Gwalior, India

Objectives & tasks of the festival: The main objective of the competition-festival is to give opportunity to performers for creative communications, to present new talents and to facilitate acquaintance with pieces of national culture and arts in different countries. An initiative to establish peace and love in the world! One Spirit and One Religion! Tasks: […]

International Ethnic Folklore Festival – India

Fees for accommodation and meals. Workshops, Roadshows, Sight Seeing, Indian Mehendi & Saree Draping for Ladies. Number of National groups: 10 Number of Intercontinental groups: 5 Number of International groups: 10 Minimum ages participants: 15 Maximum number of participants in a group: 40 Recorded music allowed: Yes Accomodation: Hotel Traditional Folk Art: Yes Traditional Folk […]


Our Aim -To promote amateur talent in all the fields of Art-Theater, Dance, Folk Dance, Music , Songs etc. -To strive for an all round culture development of the artistes. -To provide a thorough training of body, mind and soul thorough Yoga. Aerobics leadership seminars, dance and music workshops. -To provide opportunity and prepare young and […]

Rhythms International Folklorefestival – India

Number of International groups: 20 Minimum ages participants: 14 Maximum number of participants in a group: 30 Recorded music allowed: Yes Accomodation: Group Accommodation Traditional Folk Art: Yes Traditional Folk Music: Yes Traditional Folk Singing: Yes Present-day Dancing: No Workshops dance/music: Yes Traditional food preparing: Yes Other special program parts: Food, accommodation and airport transfers […]

Elephant forehead decoration, Teyyam costume, Traditional Mural painting

 Dr. V. Jayarajan, chairman Detailed describing of the activities: Nettipattam (Elephant forehead decoration) Nettipattam (Elephant forehead decoration) is a glittering ornament that is used to adorn the foreheads of elephants in temple festivals. The ornament is a symbol of pride and elegance and it is believed that the ornament brings peace and prosperity in the […]

Folkland International Centre for Folklore and Culture

An NGO promoting folklore and culture, housed in Payyanur, Kerala. It is a registered society under the Indian Societies Act of 1860 and has been in existence since 1989. Main domains – performing arts, oral traditions, crafts, rituals and festivals. The ensemble has about 15 performers in a mixed team (male & female) and the […]

Rajan Vankar -Traditional Kutch Weaving

Detailed describing of the activities: Rajan Vankar is a fourth-generation textile Master Weaver Artisan who was born into a traditional weaving family living in the Sarli village located in the Kutch region of India. He and his family have been creating intricately woven textiles for six generations. Rajan learned their traditional weaving techniques by watching […]