ANZHELA YURKIVSKA, Master of the author’s multi-layer cutting out technique

Anzhela Yurkivska became interested in the multifaceted world of decorative and applied arts during her higher education at the University named after Grigory Skovorody in Pereyaslav. Her mentors, Olga Strelets and Oksana Smirnova, instilled a love for Ukrainian folk art and opened the world of vytynanka. She started creating her first multi-layered vytynankas in 2015-2016 […]

VALENTYNA PROTSKO, Master of modern decorative and applied art

Valentyna PROTSKO – master of modern decorative and applied art. A representative of the  Oshibana school of Ukrainian floristry. Laureate of the International Oshibana contests in South Korea, “ The art of Oshibana – “Exhibition of Creation” from 2014 to present.  

IRYNA CHURSINA, Master of modern decorative and applied art

Iryna Chursina – master of modern decorative and applied art. A representative of the Oshibana school of Ukrainian floristry. Laureate of the International Oshibana contests in South Korea “The 18 Korea Pressed Flower Contest”, China “Shanghai International Flower Show” – “The Second International Pressed Flower Exhibition”, in Italy “Michelangelo’s Brush”.  

NATALIIA ARTIUKHOVA – Мaster of beadwork, Ukraine

                    NATALIIA ARTIUKHOVA, Folk Master of Ukraine & member of the National Assembly of Masters of Folk Art.   Nataliia was born in March 1974. Nataliia Artiukhova gradually came to create Ukrainian traditional jewellery. From childhood, Grandma Mariia taught her different kinds of needlework. At first, […]

MOACIR MAFRA JUNIOR – Wood and log carvings

I am Artisan, I am a sculptor for just over 25 years, I do live sculptures in fairs International, National, Regional, inter-municipal and cultural events and agribusiness, where I use hardwood and sustainable beyond the tools also sustainable, car parts, grilles, etc., I work with sustainable demolition wood and logs. I use cutting tools such […]

Olga Kulish – Ethno clothing designer, Ukraine

Olga Kulish, Ethno clothing designer, born on June 04, 1986 Education – Faculty of Architecture and Design of the Dnipro State Academy of Civil Engineering and Design (2008). 2016 -2022 owner and designer of the PYNTEA brand. 2016-2018 – co-owner and designer of the OTAMAN brand (to date, the project does not carry out its […]


NADIIA KOZACHENKO NADIIA KONONOVA, Folk crafts master, decorator, collector and restorer of antique clothes, designer of clothes, jewellery and accessories, florist designer. Nadiia Kozachenko (Nadiia Kononova) is a well-known Ukrainian folk crafts master, ethnographer and collector of antiques from Ukrainian culture. Collecting antique costumes and accessories is an inexhaustible source of creativity for the designer, known […]

KOBYCHEVA Liudmyla, Folk master, author’s collages Assemblage

SECRETS OF NATURAL MATERIALS         LIUDMYLA KOBYCHEVA   The artist was born in 1946 in a creative family. After graduating from Kyiv State University, she worked as a lawyer, including teaching at the University of Aden (South Yemen). But she was able to realize her creative potential only after her retirement, having […]

Thyamis Folk & Dance Association of Stimanga

  Thyamis Folk & Dance Association of Stimanga. With love for our place, Stimaga. With respect to our tradition and folklore wealth. With a passion for all those little things that unite us with the past and that are a bright path for all of us in the hard everyday life. We founded 2001 the […]