International Festival Folklore IOV ,, Meeting of Podlasie ” – Poland

The Meeting of Podlasie is organized in eastern Poland in the region Podlasie. In festival take participation teams classified on the ground sent of materials from Poland and from foreign lands. Organizers assure:  rooms (2-3-4 people) with baths and with shower; Three meals daily. Tourist excursions in attractive places Podlasie / Museum Agricultures Ciechanowiec, Bialystok […]

Int. World Folklore Festival Rainbow – Poland

Details: Int. World Folklore Festival Rainbow – Poland Number of National groups: 3 Number of Intercontinental groups: 4 Number of International groups: 12 Minimum ages participants: 16 Maximum number of participants in a group: European groups: 30 and from other continents: 20 Recorded music allowed: Yes Accommodation: Hotel, group accommodation or hostel Traditional Folk Art: […]

KRAKUS – The Song and Dance Ensemble of Cracow University of Science and Technology.

„KRAKUS” is the oldest student folklore ensemble in Poland. It has been established at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow in 1949 by Wiesław Białowąs. The Ensemble presents the original and authentic Polish folk which is artistically transformed and adapted to the requirements of the stage. Among the members of „KRAKUS” you […]

Polish Song and Dance Ensemble “Mystkowianie” – Mystków

MYSTKOWIANIE (POLAND) Zespół Regionalny Mystkowianie. Mystkowianie is folklore ensemble from Mystków in Małopolska. It has been established at the House of Culture in 1984 by Benedykt Poręba. Mystków has a very rich and unique folk culture due to its geographic location. Mystków lies at a crossroads between the four ethnographic groups: Górale, Krakowiacy, Lachy, and […]

Folkloristic Dancefestival “Świat pod ” Kyczerą – Legnica, Poland

Międzynarodowy Festiwal Folklorystyczny “Świat Pod Kyczerą”   World Under Kyczera” live again !!! The lifting of restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic allows the organization to return to the traditional form of major cultural events. Among these is the International Folklore Festival “World Under Kyczera”, which will take place for the twenty-fifth time this year. […]

Song and Dance Ensemble Rudki

Song and Dance Ensemble RUDKI is a representative folk group working at the Youth Culture Center in Rzeszów, Poland. RUDKI is a renewal of song and dance folk group with a deep-rooted tradition and greatest achievements. Present RUDKI members are young people mainly from junior high schools and high schools in the area of Podkarpacie […]