Fifth IOV World Youth Congress

Note: this Fifth IOV World Youth Congress is a Special Project, organised by the IOV Youth Commission and the Malopolska Folk Festival, Myslenice, Poland. 

Dear Friends from around the World,

We are happy to inform you that the Fifth International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) World Youth Congress will take place from July 12 to 17, 2017 in Myslenice, Poland. Participants should arrive on July 12 and depart on July 17, 2017. The event is organized by International Folk Meetings Malopolska, The City of Myslenice and Malopolska Region, with the assistance of IOV World.

The Congress theme is Folk Fusion. Intangible Cultural Heritage and Inspiration by Folklore.

Why Myslenice

Perhaps more than any other country, Poland boasts the wealth of intangible cultural heritage. Many years of tradition and a lot of cultural exchanges between the Eastern and Western Europe made Poland a culturally rich country with a variety of traditional dances, songs and music. “Folk Fusion” is a link between the past and the present, connection to our modern world inspired by folklore. Where can we find a better place for a meeting of young people from around the world than Myslenice More than 750 years of its existence is a source of inspiration for art and cooperation. Everyone should know that, in the Middle Ages, Myslenice was a stop on the historical “Via Regia” (Royal Way) trail. At that time, the city was a place where one could meet people from around the world.

What to expect?

During the Congress, participants will present their papers, speeches, workshops, and lead discussions on the Congress theme and other related topics. At the same time as the Congress takes place, Myslenice will host its annual international folk dance and music festival. Groups from many countries all around the world will perform live each day on the beautiful open-air festival stage.

How to prepare a presentation for the Congress?


  • You are free to choose a form of your presentation (lecture, multimedia presentation, film, song, dance, etc.)
  • The duration should not be longer than 15 minutes.
  • It should be prepared in English.


The topic of your presentation should be connected to the main topic of Congress: Folk Fusion. Intangible Cultural Heritage and Inspiration by Folklore.

  • Folk Fusion refers to all elements of traditional and modern culture that blend together into various styles of art, music, dance, photography, etc.
  • We encourage all participants to present culture and traditions of their own countries (intangible cultural heritage) and show their connection to the modern world.
  • Possible questions you would want to answer with your presentations: How does the modern world interfuse with tradition? How does tradition inspire contemporary activities in various spheres of life? What is the role of modern artists in promotion of immaterial cultural heritage?…

Other requirements

  • Multimedia equipment such as a laptop, projector, speakers and screen will be provided by the organizers and available at the Congress.
  • Multimedia presentations should be sent in the form of PPT and PDF at the following e-mail address: or submitted in person one day before your presentation date.
  • Detailed description of technical requirements should be outlined in your registration form.

Is it free?

Participants should pay for their flights to and from the International Kraków Airport, visa fees and provide proof of medical insurance.

Other expenses, including hotel accommodation from July 12 to 17, 2017, three meals per day, meeting venues, conference materials, local transportation and admission to the international folk festival will be paid or provided by the host – the City of Myslenice, International Folk Meetings Malopolska or Malopolska Region.

Who can participate?

As has been customary for the IOV Congresses in the past, the Congress will be open to all individuals age 18 through 35. Brief abstracts of presentations should be submitted in English together with your application. A presentation is not a requirement for participation, but priority may be given to those applicants with presentations and/or those who register early enough. Participation is limited to 75 individuals.

Is there a deadline for registration?

The deadline for registration is May 1, 2017. Earlier registration is encouraged. The committee will make every effort to notify successful applicants within 7 days after the deadline. For more information, please, visit the International Folk Meetings website here or register directly here.

If you have any questions, do contact Mr Piotr Szewczyk, director of The International Folk Meetings Malopolska, at, or visit the Facebook page of IOV World Youth at

OK, what are the dates again and how to get to Myslenice

Participants should arrive at the International Kraków Airport on July 12, and depart on July 17. Bus transportation from the International Kraków Airport to Myslenice will be arranged at various times at the beginning and end of the Congress. Participants arriving at other times will be responsible for their own transportation. Before booking flights, participants should contact the festival committee for information about airport transfers.

We will see you in Poland!