The 6th IOV World Youth Congress

2020, February 13th to16th  , in the city of Nova Petrópolis- Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.

This invitation is dedicated to all the young people already included in the IOV members and also to those who want to approach this International Organization by becoming a new  IOV  member.
The organization committee in Brazil will certainly be at the highest quality level as Nova Petropolis has worthily demonstrated before and during the many World Folk Festivals already successfully organized.

Participation in the world congress is dedicated to young people up to 35 years old.

I hope to meet you many in Brazil 2020 and that the contribution of young people will continue the work of IOV WORLD for the protection and dissemination of art and popular culture, bringing new ideas and new life.

We stay in touch guys, and if you have new questions for me, don't hesitate feel free to ask. .. See you soon.



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