Lous Crabots de Semisens

Since 1984, the group "Lous Crabots de Semisens", "which means" little goats from St. Vincent "is organized to present his city out of the dances and customs of their ancestors. If their costume is very simple, their repertoire is very varied. The "Rondos" and other dances by couples competing with spectacular polkas and jigs on stilts. Waders are also involved in races, according to the levels range from 5 to 130 km! This set consists of waders, dancers and musicians on the ground as well as volunteers. Their "expertise" has brought this young ensemble to travel to most parts of France but also throughout the world on cultural exchange or the International Festival of Folklore: Sweden, Spain, Portugal, French Antilles, Turkey, USA , Japan ... It is with pleasure that he will respond to any request to host your events (village festivals, dance festivals, cultural exchange ...) from his shows and his show from 5 to 90 min.
15, Rue des Métiers 40230 St Vincent de Tyrosse
Saint-Vincent de Tyrosse ( France)
+ 33 5 58 72 25 64
+ 33 6 75 86 97 71
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