Potaissa Folk Ensemble – Romania

Details Ensemble: Number of Artists in the ensemble: 30Average age of the artists: 25Mixed team: ☑ Yes  Live orchestra:  ☑ Yes Traditional costumes:  ☑ Yes Traditional Folk Art:        ☑ Yes Traditional Folk Music:   ☑ Yes Traditional Folk Singing: ☑ Yes Present-day dancing:     ☑  NoWorkshops dance/music:   ☑ Yes Traditional food preparing: ☑ Yes 

Festival De Folclor – “In Gradina Dorului”- Turda, Romania

Number of National groups: 7 Number of International groups: 4 Minimum ages participants: 16 Maximum number of participants in a group: 32 Recorded music allowed: Yes Accomodation: Group Accommodation Traditional Folk Art: Yes Traditional Folk Music: Yes Traditional Folk Singing: Yes Present-day Dancing: No Workshops dance/music: Yes Traditional food preparing: No

Ansamblul Folcloric Românașul

Ansamblul Folcloric Românașul al Universității Tehnice Cluj Napoca. Founded in 1974, it was set up by a group of students from the Institutul Politehnic din Cluj-Napoca, coordinated by Prof. Univ. Teodor NILAS. Since 1979, there has been a lack of cooperation between professors of the POP Dumitru and the Liturgical Faculties of the Babes-Bolyai University […]