Festival International de Folklore de MARINARO – Termoli Italy

A Shcaffètte was born in Termoli in 1977 to collect, pass on and not forget the history of the city of Termoli and its people, discover on our website who we are and what we have done in recent years. The International Folklore Festival is now in its 37th edition, interrupted only by force majeure […]

Ducato Di Piazza Pontida, International Folk Festival Bergamo

The International Folklore Festival of Bergamo The International Folklore Festival will take place in Bergamo in the last week of August, at the same time of Sant’Alessandro celebration, Patron Saint day. Festival – organized by the historic association of Bergamo called Ducato di Piazza Pontida – will last of about one week and it make […]

18° Raduno Folkloristico Internazionale o International Folk di Galliate (NO)

Short Description: Saturday, July 1, 2023 will be celebrated the 52nd anniversary of the group and the 35th of the Gatherings. The Festival will take place from Wednesday, July 05 to Sunday, July 9 with the participation of groups from 3 Continents: New Zealand (Maori Group), Argentina (South American Dance Ballet), Scotland (Scottish Bagpipes), Greece […]

IOV Italy partner of the “Scasada del Zenerù” in Ardesio (Italy)

Every year, on January 31, in Ardesio, in the upper Seriana Valley, in Northern Italy, winter is “chased away” with the “Scasada del Zenerù”, an important and well-established tradition of the town, a much-attended and awaited ritual. A symbolic date on January 31, an appointment considered in antiquity to be the hinge between winter and […]

IOV Italia: history of a National General Assembly

The National General Assembly of the Italian Section of IOV WORLD (International Organization of Folk Art) was held on the 19th of November 2021 in Villa d’Almè, near Bergamo. The associates were welcomed in the extraordinary council chamber of the municipality, kindly granted by the Municipal Administration, always close to the promotion of traditional local, […]

Luigi Sara – hairstyles and hairpins

Since when I was I child I’ve been intrigued by the Sperada/Raggiera history, a very elaborated ornament, worn by women in Brianza and considered also as “Head Silver”, its uses and multiple stories. My research began in the early 90, when I retired, and when I try to seek the origins from storiers told from […]

Gruppo Folkloristico Miromagnum

Il “Gruppo Folkloristico Miromagnum” nasce e si costituisce in un paesino di montagna, alle porte della regione Calabria, nel sud Italia, negli anni 1980/1981, precisamente a Mormanno (CS),nel cuore del Parco Nazionale del Pollino, animato da forti intenzioni di preservare l’immenso bagaglio di tradizioni, che caratterizzano l’amato luogo d’origine. Viene portato a battesimo con il […]

Rosario Altadonna – bagpipe and flute handmaker

Rosario Altadonna was born in Messina in 1979 from an early age he joined the Mata and Grifone Folk Group (FITP) in 1985 directed by Maestro Orazio Grasso. Thanks to the group, he began touring Italy and the world very early on to spread his traditions. Growing up, he undertakes research on Popular Traditions, specializing […]

Luigi Stabile – bagpipe and flute handmaker

Luigi Stabile is a famous Calabrian Musician and Maker of Popular Instruments. For years engaged in the research, study and repetition of traditional instruments and repertoires, especially for the “Ciaramella”, the tambourine, the “Calabrian lira” and the “zampogna”. Virtuous multifaceted instrumentalist and “Poet of Ancient Sounds”, Luigi over the years, in close contact with the […]