Folkloristic Association Markelo

The Folkloristic Association Markelo, is one of the oldest folkloristic associations of The Nederlands. The occasion for raising the dancegroup was the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina on August 31,1932. The village Markelo received an invitation to perform on the birthday party on Palace The Loo in Apeldoorn. In the beginning the performances of the adults […]

Federation of Folklore Groups in the Netherlands

Federation of Folkloristic Groups in the Netherlands is active in the following fields of Cultural heritage; * Living history, with respect and pleasure brought! * Dance, singing and clothing from the past brought by approximately 65 affiliated groups, each drawing from their own regional history. * Short performances – full evening programmes * Performing “just […]

Folkloristic Dancegroup Hellendoorn

The Folkloristic Dancegroup Hellendoorn was founded in 1955. In those days under the name ‘First Hellendoornse Farmer Dance Group’. Mr B.J. Leyerweerd, mr A. Valk and mr A. Klein Rozeboom are the initiators. The first performance of the group took place during Queensday in the garden of the Royal Palace Soestdijk. Folkdance is popular. That’s […]

De Krekkel

The folkloristic Dance group ‘De Krekkel’ is a traditional Dutch ensemble from the Eastern part of the Netherlands. They have visited many festivals in the Netherlands, but also in foreign countries.

De klepperklumpkes

Two folk dance groups from the eastern part of the country called the ‘Achterhoek’ that pull up together with the aim to keep the Achterhoek region folklore alive. De Vier Winden goes dressed in the day farmers clothes of about 1850 and the Klepperklumpkes wears the sunday farmers clothes from around 1900. And the blank […]

De Iesselschotsers

Folkloric dance group “De Iesselschotsers” from Steenderen in the Netherlands, founded on 1 December 1981, aims to spread and honour the folklore of the eastern part of the Netherlands by means of the dances, music and songs from around 1900. The group’s name is derived from the river IJssel (Iessel), which flows close to our […]

De Losser Böggelrieders & Daansers

The folkloric ensemble “De Losser Böggelrieders & Daansers” is a popular guest all over the world. Anyone who has seen our group once will understand why. Old Dutch traditions go hand in hand with music and dance from the countryside of the region of Twente, traditional clothing and all this in combination with unique cycling; […]

De Battumse Venne

The ensemble wants to keep alive the traditional custums of the region around the city of Bathmen. They bring folkloristic dances, songs and the traditional costumes. Further they want to promote the traditional handicrafts.

De Hoolter Daansers

De Hoolter Daansers  / The dancers from Holten Our folkloristic group of country dancers has been set up in March 1978. Its aim was to propagate and to maintain the old folklore of around 1900 in Holten, in a sensible way, both in dance and clothes. Our club consists of 13 dancing couples and 4 […]

De Stedeker Daansers

The folklore club the “Stedeker Daansers” from Diepenheim, also called the “Boer’n Daansers”. The name is partly a reference to the nick name for Diepenheim, namely “Stedeke”. Since the 13th century, Diepenheim stayed as one of the smallest city of the east of The Netherlands and therefore received the Dutch word for small city which […]