Polewali Mandar International Folk & Arts Festival

Dear Folklore Friends Kindly information about the Indonesia Folklore festival tour 2023, the festival will start from: 1. Polewali International Folk and Art Festival in Polewali Mandar- West Sulawesi from 3-7 July 2023 ( 5 international groups and 10 locals groups ) arrive on 2 and depart on 8 July 2023 to and from Sultan […]

Bojonegoro Thengul International Folklore Festival – Indonesia

Plant Tree, Visit Cultural Places, Reception with Mayor, Parade.   Number of National groups: 5 Number of Intercontinental groups: 5 Number of International groups: 5 Minimum ages participants: 16 Maximum number of participants in a group: 25 Recorded music allowed: No Accomodation: Hotel Traditional Folk Art: Yes Traditional Folk Music: Yes Traditional Folk Singing: Yes […]

Ensemble Kinanthi Budaya – Indonesia

Kinanthi Budaya, Jakarta Indonesia Kinanthi Budaya is an art and culture organization and community. Seeing the fact that traditional art in the country is losing its number of creations. Kinanthi Budaya was established in 2012 in order to conserve traditional art of Indonesia. Folklore countries that had been visited by Kinanthi Budaya are Czech Republic, […]

Nona Asri Indonesia

Nona Asri Indonesia is established in 2010 , one of group dance and music in Indonesia, always present dance and traditional music, which are very spectacular and very interesting you’ve never met. “Bhineka Tunggal Ika Dance” Dance and music is medley of the group which is very ethnic and interesting. The Group has collaborated and […]