8 August 2020

IOV – Austria National Section


Die Internationale Organisation für Volkskunst (IOV) ist eine weltweite Organisation, die sich umfassend mit dem Erhalt und der Verbreitung der Volkskultur, der Volkskunst und dem unveräußerlichen kulturellen Erbe beschäftigt.
Vorrangiges Ziel der IOV ist, gegenseitiges Verständnis und Toleranz unter den Völkern der Erde durch verschiedene, kulturelle Austausch-Aktivitäten zum Erhalt des Weltfriedens zu fördern. Die IOV wurde im Jahr 1979 erstmals initiiert und in Oostrozebeke/Belgien gegründet. Die Organisation ist registriert in Wien/Österreich und das Generalsekretariat befindet sich in Andorf/Oberösterreich. Im Jahr 1983 wurde die IOV als Mitglied der UNESCO akzeptiert und mit dem Status C geführt. Im Jahr 1990 verabschiedete der UNESCO Exekutivrat eine Resolution um die IOV in Kategorie B zu klassifizieren (für Information und beratende Beziehungen zur UNESCO).
Seit 1998 ist die IOV entsprechend der Entscheidung des UNESCO-Exekutivrates in seiner 154.Sitzung als NGO mit offiziellen Beziehungen zur UNESCO zugelassen. Volkskultur und Volkskunst sind wesentliche Güter des kulturellen Erbes aller Völker der Welt. Eine reiche und blühende Volkskultur reflektiert menschliches Glück, Kreativität, soziale Verantwortung und Nächstenliebe. Sie versorgt die Menschen mit kultureller Identität und deren Fortbestand. Die Kenntnis und das Wissen über Geschichte und Kultur anderer Völker sollen helfen, besseres Verständnis und Respekt unter den Völkern zu fördern, eine harmonischere Zivilgesellschaft und Weltfrieden zu schaffen, der dem Wohlbefinden der gesamten Menschheit dienen wird. Die IOV heißt alle Menschen und Gruppen dieser Welt ungeachtet von Rasse, Geschlecht, Sprache und Religion willkommen, und lädt ein, sich an der gemeinsamen Arbeit der Organisation zu beteiligen. Die Arbeit der IOV beruht auf der Achtung der Menschenrechte und der grundsätzlichen Freiheit aller Völker dieser Erde. Dies kommt besonders deutlich bei der aktiven Teilnahme der IOV am UNESCO-Projekt “Kultur des Friedens” zum Tragen. Die IOV Österreich wurde 1995 als eigenständige Sektion ins Leben gerufen.

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IOV is a membership organization open to organizations and individuals regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical impairment, national or ethnic origin, or age. Upon submission of a membership application and the first year’s fees, provisional membership is granted.

Full membership is conferred following the annual meeting of the board of directors, after which members will receive a membership card and certificate. Members of IOV are automatically enrolled as members of their IOV National Sections. 

All members of IOV have a right to:

• Access information on the IOV website iov.world

• Serve as a consultant to UNESCO and other international cultural bodies and commissions.

• A membership directory, updated annually.

• Opportunities to attend and participate in national conferences, the annual IOV National Sections Meeting, international events, festivals and conferences either free of charge or at a substantially reduced cost.

• A membership certificate.

• Access new avenues that may help them publish research and scholarly papers by web site or book.

• Reduced rates on IOV and some UNESCO publications.

In addition, your confirmed membership makes you part of a worldwide network of more members in many countries.

You will also have:

• Contact with people and organizations with common interests and professional pursuits, thus providing opportunities for exchanges of information.

• Increased access to resources and expertise as a member of an international NGO in official relations with UNESCO and  ECOSOC.

• Opportunities to participate in IOV and UNESCO conferences and other events where IOV members and colleagues present their work

• Access to the IOV web site where information about IOV activities and events are posted.

• Assistance in realizing participation in a chain of more festivals for groups from other continents.

• Promoting the festivals in the WEB-festival calendar of IOV.

• Recommendation of Folk Art groups to Festival organizers.

• Assistance for festival organizers to find ‘last-minute groups’ in case of a canceling.

• Promoting the Folk Art Groups with their specific National Folk Art programs at our WEB-site.

• Possibility for publishing articles about ICH at the WEB-site.

• Possibility for introducing intangible heritage activities at the WEB-site.

• Possibility for sharing information of National Sections on our WEB-site.

We welcome the people of all nations to join our work.

Chair of National Section
Membership fees should be paid in local currency to the Chair of your National Section. Where no national section exists, fees should be paid directly to the Treasurer. See options 2, 3,or 4.

Pay Pal
You can pay for your membership fees via Paypal. The safer, easier way to pay online!

(This payment is called ‘Donate’ but it’s a normal way of payment. We cannot change the title of this button.)  

Bank transfert Sparkasse

Use sparkasse  only if you pay in Euro’s  €
Name of bank: Alg. Sparkasse Oberosterreich
Bank Website: www.sparkasse.at
IBAN: AT 30 2032 0321 0040 2191

Bank Address:
SPARKASSE  Oberosterreich
Rathausstrasse 1
4770 Andorf

Bank transfert Unicredit Italy
Use UNICREDIT only if you pay in Euro’s  €

IBAN:  IT 54 A 02008 11108 000104157045

To renew your membership please contact your country National Section Chair. 

If in your country there is no National Section, please complete the section at the bottom of this page and fill the form with your personal data. 
Please do not forget to specify it is a renewal (and not a first registration) and your membership ID number. 


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We encourage young people up to 35 years of age to actively participate in research, protection and conservation of popular culture and heritage. Students (with legal Student-card) have a discount of 50% Youth members till the age of 35 have a discount of 50%

Individual Member

Folklorist, teacher, scientist, researcher, lover of culture and popular heritage, every single individual who wishes to support the organization with his own personal financial contribution.


IOV Senators are people with a special sensitivity to the research, protection and conservation of popular culture and heritage, and by participating with their financial support they will have particular privileges and honors of philanthropy.

Small Group

Small folk art groups, instrumental or vocal ensembles with 8 members or less

Larger Group

Folk art groups with more than 8 members, organizations, associations, clubs, dance groups


Craftsmen, artists, traditional crafts, cooks of ancient flavors, ethnic crafts, players of ancient traditional games, experts in traditional games, lovers of battles and historical reenactments, sorcerers and experts in empirical medicine and medicinal herbs, actively participate in the research, protection and conservation of culture and popular heritage.


International Festivals, exhibitions institutes, museums, universities and similar institutions and national authorities (ministries, public institutions)

New membership request
In case you want to registrate as a new member of IOV you can follow the next procedure.

If you want to become a member of IOV, click here and you will you see a registration form which you must fill out and at the end click on SUBMIT.
Our office will complete your registration and as soon as we have received your payment of the fees, you will receive a welcome letter, a membership ID, and the official certificate of membership. This gives you entrance to all IOV activities.

In case there is a National section of IOV in your country, please contact them.
You can find the contact-information of National sections at the following page: www.iov.world/organizational-charter/regions-and-national-section/
You are invited to introduce yourself to the National Section of your country and from there you will be guided in the procedure for official registration and payment of fees.

In case there is NO National Section in your country or if you want to have a direct registration as a new member, we offer also the possibility for registration by using the Registration form on this website.

Calculation of your membership fees will be done on base of the GDP table and this means that for a great number of countries there is a high discount.


Would you like to know the value of your subscription fee?
First of all, you have to choose the type of subscription and the country you are from in the selection below.
Then press continue and you will see the amount calculated for you.

Let’s start

Residents of a country with a Gross National Product (GNP) lower then 1000 have a discount of 75%
Residents of a country with a Gross National Product (GNP) between 1000 and 15000 have a discount of 50%
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Your report will be supervised by the secretariat which will decide whether to include it among the selected festival
Your report will be supervised by the secretariat which will decide whether to include it among the selected festival
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We welcome the people of all nations to join our mission


Small group


Small folk art groups, instrumental or vocal ensembles with 8 members or less

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ITALY – Science & Research Italian Commission Chair

Letizia Bindi

Degree at University of Rome (La Sapienza) –
Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology (University of Rome, Palermo and Calabria) (Tutor, Prof. Luigi M. Lombardi Satriani)
Master (DEA) at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)- PARIS (Directeur d’études: Prof. Nicole Loraux)
Visiting Scholar at the Department of Classics and Humanities of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA (Tutor: Prof. Giulia Sissa and Prof. Marcel Detienne).

Letizia Bindi teaches Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Tourism and Anthropology of Migrations at University of Molise and Folklore and Popular Traditions at University Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples.
In the past years she has been teaching Cultural Anthropology at University of Rome “La Sapienza” (Sociology faculty), Legal Anthropology at University Suor Orsola Benincasa (Law Faculty) and Ethnology in the same University (Humanities Faculty). At the University of Trieste she has been teaching during four years at the Course of Cross-Cultural Studies.
She teaches also in the School of Visual Ethnography of Rome.
Visiting Scholar at Université de la Picardie (Amiens), Universidad de Valladolid, Universidad de Barcelona, Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad de Valencia.

She is a member of EASA (European Association for Social Anthropology) and of SIEF (Société Internationale d’Ethnologie et Folklore)
Scientific Director of the Centre for Research on “Bio-Cultural Heritage and Local Development” of the University of Molise (Italy) (2015)
Former – member of the Directive Board of AISEA (Italian Association for Ethnoanthropological Studies – AISEA), still member of this Association.
Winner of the Tanturri Foundation – Premio Scanno for ‘Anthropology and Popular Traditions’ in 2009 for the book: “Volatili Misteri. Festa e cittàa Campobasso”, Roma, Armando Editore, 2009.
She is a member of the European Association for Social Anthropology (EASA)
She cooperates with the European Center on Popular Religion – Valladolid University (SPAIN)
She is a member of Teachers Committee of the Ph.D. in Antropological and historico-linguistic studies of the University of Messina and of the International Ph.D. of the Universidad de Sevilla
She is a member, since the foundation, of the Editorial Board of “Voci”. Human Sciences Review, directed by Luigi M. Lombardi Satriani
She is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Review “Folklore Italiano”, Official Publication of FITP, Italian Federation for Popular Traditions.
She is a Member of the Scientific Committee of the FITP, Italian Federation for Popular Traditions.
She was the Scientific Director, 2005/2008, of “Quaderni di Mediazione. Teorie e pratiche di risoluzione alternativa dei conflitti”, a review specialized on cultural and social mediation topics.

Click here to read Letizia Bindi Curriculum Vitae

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COSTA RICA – National Youth Commission Chair

William Jiménez Araya


2020 – actual Coordinador de Cultura y Director de proyecto del Centro Cultural y Restaurante Key Largo
Desarrollo del Plan Anual de trabajo, manejo del cronograma de actividades, contacto con los artistas, control y organización de los eventos, caledarización de los cursos y talleres, coordinación con los docentes, creación de alianzas estratégicas, coordinación con gerencia para modelo de negocio y sostenibilidad, manejo de plan de mercadeo, dirección del proyecto y manejo administrativo.

2018 – 2019 Asistente de Mercadeo y Social Media Planner – Salas Portones y Sistemas Automáticos
Desarrollo del Plan Anual de Mercadeo, planificación y administración de Redes Sociales, creación de contenidos e implementación de promociones, manejo de presupuestos, captación de prospectos online, manejo de imagen  corporativa, diseño de material promocional, coordinación de seguimiento de clientes, emailing, análisis de conversión, presentación de informes, investigación de mercado, análisis de competencia.

2015 – 2018 Secretario Centroamericano – Asociación Mundial de las Artes Escénicas
Formular un plan anual de trabajo integrado para la región, búsqueda de representaciones internacionales y adhesión de nuevos miembros, registro de actas y asociados, búsqueda de relaciones de cooperación con entidades culturales en los diferentes países del área, implementar un plan de comunicación para la identificación de la organización en la región. Personas a cargo 35 delegadosinternacionales.

2011 – 2016 Técnico Judicial – Poder Judicial de Costa Rica
Tramitación de los expedientes judiciales, citas, señalamientos a juicios, resolución de escritos, atención al usuario, manejo y resolución de problemas, manejo de agendas de los jueces.

2007 – 2010 Coordinador de Servicio al Cliente – Teletech, Vodafone
Supervisar, evaluar y controlar el trabajo de 20 agentes de servicio al cliente, elaboración de reportes administrativos, aplicación de reglamento, análisis de métricas y elaboración de estrategias según los resultados, retroalimentación con los agentes de servicio según el trabajo realizado.


2020 Maestría en Diseño, Gestión y Dirección de Proyectos, Universidad Iberoamericana Internacional de Puerto Rico (en curso)

2020 Postgrado en Gestión de Patrimonio cultural Inmaterial – Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina.

2019 Postgrado Internacional de Políticas Culturales y de Base Comunitaria – Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales FLACSO.

2011 Bachillerato en Publicidad – Universidad Hispanoamericana.


2019 Diplomado PM4R en Gestión de Proyectos para el Desarrollo, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo.

2019 Egresado de la 5ta generación del programa LIDERA, formando jóvenes con liderazgo.

2018 Diplomado en Ventas – Universidad de las Ventas de Costa Rica.

2018 Manejo de la imagen digital básico I – Universidad Creativa.

2018 Community Manager – Asociación Española de Community Manager

2016 Formulación de Proyectos Culturales – Ministerio de Cultura

2015 Marketing y Comunicación Cultural – Universidad de Cádiz y Andalucía.

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ITALY – Chair of Italian Iov Youth Commission

Giovanni Alberti

I’m Italian and I was born in the south of Italy, more precisely in Cosenza. 

I studied at Scientific High School in my small town “Mormanno”, in the Calabria region.
In 2005 I obtained the English language certificate, issued by the University of Cambridge – ESOL Examinations.
I have studied English since I was 8 and now I speak and write English language in professional contexts.
I also speak and write Spanish language, for daily use, keeping good relationships with people.
I learned Spanish travelling around the world and studying this wonderful musical language.
In December 2019, I graduated in Law and in March 2021 I obtained a Master’s in International Relations and Communications.

Involvement with my cultural heritage
I love the traditions and culture of my region including its crafts, uses, foods, clothes and ancient childs’ entertainments. I also adore getting to know and learning about people from different foreign traditions and cultures to the world.
When I was 8, I enrolled as a dancer, in the first minor section of “Miromagnum Folk Group”, that was the first association in my town where I grew up during years.
Miromagnum Folk Group was born in Mormanno (Cs) in 1980, originating a path of studies, protection and conservation about the cultures and traditions of Calabria. 

From 1981 Its members have participated in the most important International Folk Festivals, like Cioff and Igf circuits.

In 2000, I attended the Jubilee with my Group in Rome, and  we sang our traditional songs, in front of the Pope John Paul II and it certainly was my best and the most exciting experience.
In 2004, when I was 15, I was promoted to the major section and since then I have travelled to and participated in the following International Folk Festivals :
• 2019 “Sounds, Colors and Traditions of the World” (Sabac, Serbia) ;
• 2017 “Fétes du Lilas” (Vitry sur Seine, Francia) ;
• 2015 “Kieler Woche” (Kiel, Germania) ;
• 2014 “Nunca Zamfirei” I.G.F. (Bistrita, Romania) ;
• 2012 “Festival Internazionale del Folkore” (Sofia, Bulgaria) ;
• 2011 “Europaisches Folklore Festival” (Bitburg, Germania) ;
• 2010 “Festival Internazionale del Folklore” (Mosca – Volgodonsk, Russia) ;
• 2009 “Festival Internazionale del Folklore” (Nizza, Francia) ;
• 2008 “Festival Internazionale del Folklore” (Palma de Mallorca – Sollèr, Spagna) ;
• 2007 “Mondial des Cultures de Drummondville” C.I.O.F.F. (Drummondville, Canada) ;
• 2006 “Festival Internazionale del Folklore” (Salonicco, Grecia) ;
• 2006 “Danza y Canciones Populares, Folk del Mundo” (Jaèn, Spagna) ;
• 2005 “Centenario della Provincia di Alberta – Calgary Stampede” (Calgary, Canada) ;
• 2005 “Festival Internazionale del Folklore” (Banskà Bystrica, Slovacchia) ;

In November 2017, I became Vice President of my Group, completing many ambitious projects, building international relationships and I’m already thinking about future ideas.
I live and work in Rome (ITA), but I’m constantly updated on my Group’s activities, always participating carefully in every decision and project to be implemented.
This year 2020, Miromagnum Folk Group marks its 40th year of brilliant activity.

In March 2021, the Italian Iov Board of Directors has nominated me Chair of Italian Iov Youth Commission.

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Chair of Polish Section of IOV and Chair of IOV International Commission of Science and Research for Europe

Anna Brzozowska-Krajka

Anna Brzozowska-Krajka is a full professor (Professor Ordinarius) of folklore and theory of culture and literature in Department of Polish Studies at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Lublin Poland. She has been co-operating with IOV since 1985. She has been a long-time member of The Board of Polish Section of IOV, then its Vice-Chair, and since 2015 she has been the Chair of Polish Section of IOV. Between 2000 and 2004 she was The Chairperson of The International Commission on Science and Research of IOV, earlier (since 1995) she had been Vice-Chairperson of The International Commission on Mythology, Legends, Fairy-tales, Literature, Folk Poetry and Folk Drama. Between 2009 and 2017 she was The Chair of IOV International Commission of Science and Research for Central and Eastern Europe. On the decision of IOV Executive Committee taken in November 2017 this Commission was transformed into IOV Science and Research Commission for Europe, chaired by professor Brzozowska-Krajka. Her scientific interests and research are mainly in the fields of Polish folklore in Slavic contexts, folklorism, Polish-American folklore (its verbal and non-verbal forms). 

She has over 200 scholarly publications, including books authored: Stare i nowe nuty na goralskich geslikach. O wspolczesnej ludowej poezji podhalanskiej [On contemporary folk poetry of the Podhale region], Warszawa: 1989; Symbolika dobowego cyklu powszedniego w polskim folklorze tradycyjnym [Symbolism of diurnal cycle in Polish traditional folklore], Lublin: 1994; Polish Traditional Folklore. The Magic of Time, Boulder – Lublin – New York: 1998; Etnokultura w diasporze: miedzy regionalizmem a amerykanizacja [Ethnoculture in diaspora: between regionalism and Americanization], Lublin: 2012, English version Lublin – New York: 2020; Between Folk Culture and Global Culture in Contemporary Europe, ed. and Introduction, Lublin – The Kingdom of Bahrain: 2019. Some of her articles have been published in international scholarly periodicals abroad: in USA, Russia, Greece, Estonia, Ukraine. She is the author of the first scientific synthesis of Polish folklore published internationally in English in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife, Westport, Conn. – London: 2006.

She has presented her research at many scientific conferences in Poland and abroad, organized by foreign academic centres, and in those organized by IOV: e.g. in USA, Brasil, Great Britain, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Norway, Holland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, France, China, Hungary, Austria, South Korea. She has co-organized the 11th IOV European conference on folk culture in Poland (Lublin-Kazimierz Dolny: 2004) and was the scientific reviewer of the publication from this conference (The Universal Values and National Distinctness of Traditional European Cultures, Lublin: 2004). She was a member of the organizing committee of IOV 12th European conference on folk culture (Lublin 2010); and a co-organizer of IOV 13th European conference on folk culture, with the Rilsky Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and IOV Ukrainian Section (Kyiv-Sevastopol 2013). She also initiated and co-organized (with IOV Polish Section and IOV Austrian Section) IOV 14th European conference on folk culture (Andorf Austria, November 2017). Together with the late Professor Mieczyslaw Marczuk (the co-founder and long-time Chair of Polish Section IOV and the long-time Chair of IOV International Commission for Science and Research) she created internet page of Polish Section IOV (www.umcs.pl/pl/iov.htm) which has been functioning since 2016 and which she conducts. 

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Hon. Vice Pres . Co-Founder of IOV
National Section Chair IOV Belgium

Etienne Vankeirsbilck

Download Curriculum Vitae

Send a Mail

Etienne is a co-founder of IOV, founded in his hometown Oostrozebeke, Belgium in October 1979. He is retired from his profession and dance ensemble and now devotes his time to IOV. Trough his efforts, many folk dancers and musicians to have had the opportunity to participate in international dance festivals and cultural events. This relations made it possible that a shelter for poor people in Caçapava do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil has been nominated “Pavilhao Etienne Vankeirsbilck” in 2004. Until today this home is sponsored  by Etienne, every year.

Etienne continues to promote international friendship and respect . He has been honored for his work all over the world. Many individuals and festival organizations has benefited from his work and the knowledge he gained from close cooperation with the late IOV  Secretary General, Alexander Veigl, his best friend.

In 2006, in honor of his contributions to IOV and folk art , Etienne was awarded with the Outstanding Contribution   Award by the Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival. In 2008 he was named the Honorary Mayer of the City of Bountiful, Utah, US. In 2014 the Silver Magnolia Award of the City Government of Shanghai, the highest distinction for expats, was confered to Etienne in appreciation of his valuable support to Shanghai’s development outstanding contributions and friendly cooperation. 

He recently co-autored two books “Streekdrachten in Onze Gewesten“ and “Van Hoed tot Ondergoed“ about Folk Costumes of Flanders, Belgium.

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ARGENTINA – National Section Chair 

Graciela Pons

Graciela Pons, es Maestra Normal Nacional, Profesora de Música y Danzas, coordinadora del
Programa Educativo de Adultos Mayores de la Municipalidad de El Trébol, Co Directora de Ballet
El Trébol y del Instituto de Danzas.
Preside la Sección Argentina de IOV junto al Profesor Omar Fiordelmondo como vicepresidente.
Es conferencista Internacional, llevando ponencias a Congresos, Seminarios y Foros a diferentes
lugares del mundo, referentes a “PEDAGOGÍA DE LA DANZA”- “-DE LA MEMORIA A LA ESCENA-“
alcance educativo de la danza.” “Propuesta para la reflexión y práctica educativa de la danza”
entre otros

Dicta cursos de capacitación dentro y fuera del continente.
Especializada en Educación social y expresiva, ha llevado sus experiencias a través de conferencias
y talleres a Estambul en Turquía, Cartagena de Indias, Popayán, Manizales y otras ciudades y
pueblos de Colombia, donde acaba de realizar una interesante experiencia en el Pacífico
Colombiano con afrodescendientes directos en la Fundación LOS NIÑOS DEL MAR. Es pate del
equipo de la Corporación Arte y Ciudad. En Passo Fundo, Brasil ha desarrollado una conferencia
sobre “Folklore mundial” en la apertura del Congreso Arte y TradiciónCon su grupo ha recorrido los países y sitios más recónditos del mundo llevando la danza y culturas

Se ha desempeñado como jurado en algunas sedes y subsedes del PRE Cosquín, también en los
Juegos culturales santefecinos, Acompañó el jurado de Danzón en Santa Clara, Cuba, como así
entre otros en la selección de parejas argentinas para la Red el Mundo baila por parejas.
por mencionar algo de su trayectoria en el rubro.

Es co autora de los siguientes libros que tratan del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial:

  • Almacén de Memorias y la yapa.
  • La vía láctea. Trabajo de rescate de la oralidad.
  • La Fiesta, tinteros y penitencias.
  • Aserrín, aserran los maderos de San Juan.
  • Colección de tres tomos con recopilación de canciones, juegos, juguetes, refranes, creencias.
    “Almacén de memorias y sus puentes”.

Recientemente ha sido convocada por el instituto de Cultura Popular de Cali Colombia donde ha
participado como ponente en el Foro de la Danza. Con su grupo Ballet El Trébol, que co dirige con
el Profesor Víctor Recalde han realizado presentaciones en nuestro Continente, Europa, y Medio Oriente con contratos artísticos en Emirato Árabes, Dubái, Omán, Qatar entre otros.
Trabaja en expresiones danzarías y pedagogía de la danza con grupos etarios dese los 3 años a
los 89 años,

Ha recibido premios menciones de diferentes culturales gubernamentales por la trayectoria en
Danza y Educación.

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Chair of the Special Projects Commission

Parul Shah

Download Curriculum Vitae

Educational qualifications

  • Sc. (Physics), L L B (general)
  • L L B (Sp. Taxation)
  • D., M. Mus., B. Mus., PG Dip (Nattuvangam), Diploma
  • (All in Dance)
  • Special training in Movement Analysis, Dance Therapy


Present position                                

Principal Investigator MHRD-UGC Econtent PG PATHASHALA and MOOCs in SWAYAM PROJECT, Performing Arts Dance.                                       

Former DEAN and  Head Professor Department of Dance, Faculty of Performing Arts, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara (Gujarat – India).

Prof. Dr. Smt Parul Shah is one of the rare combinations of Performing artiste, Cross-cultural Choreographer, Bharatanatyam Guru, Dance Educator, Scholar, Researcher, Arts Administrator and highly motivated human being. She got appointed as the Professor in  Dance in 1993, at the young age of 41 and became the Head of the Department of Dance and the Dean of the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India. Prof Shah is selected by the Chairman UGC and awarded the prestigious MHRD project of creating E PG Content for the E PG PATHASHALA in Performing Arts (Dance/Drama/Theatre) in April 2014. She was the first Principal Investigator of all subjects to complete the project in record time in October 2016. In July 2016, she is invited by MHRD-UGC to create MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in Performing Arts.  She is perhaps the first in Performing Arts of India to receive the “Choreomundus  Heritage Master Fellowship” as the visiting scholar of the Erasmus Mundus of the European Union International Master in Dance knowledge, Practice and Heritage.  She was the Fellow at the University of Roehampton, London for 3 weeks in March 2014. Since 2013, she is working on the Major Research Project of the UGC on “The changing dynamics of the Classical dance of India with respect to Bharatanatyam”  She was awarded the Senior Fulbright Fellowship in 1992-93 for pioneering work in Movement Analysis-Notation in Indian classical dance. Along with Laban Movement Analysis, she got trained in the application of the same as therapy. She is the recipient of Senior Artiste Fellowship of the Department of Culture Ministry of HRD for Movement Analysis of stylistic differences of the Four Schools of Bharatanatyam, 1994-96. The interest in research started in 1977-84, with Ph. D in “The Rasa Dance of Gujarat, a critical survey” with UGC Junior and Senior Fellowships.

Beginning in 1972 at Delhi Rastrapati Bhavan, Dr. Shah’s performing career has grown

with depth, each performance bringing out the true love of dance. She is sensitive, truthful and lively performer. The active dance career (Classical, Folk, Contemporary, Creative) of more than 40 years, has taken her to near and far lands (USA, UK, Italy, Greece, France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Denmark, Shri Lanka, Egypt etc.)  performing, teaching, lecturing, collaborating, learning, sharing in the top institutions and with most creative innovative individuals such as Phillip Zarrili, Pegy Mue Choy, Jin-wen Yu, Louise Tchabushnig, Janet Lilly, Buff Brennan and in India Prof Sitanshu Yasheshchandra, Padmashree Geeta Chandran, Prof Deepak Kannal, Prof Ranjana Harish,  Dr. Arshia Shethi, to name a few. She is a regular visiting Professor in the Dance Program at the University of Wisconsin USA.  She was invited to lecture and has conducted workshops at University of California, UCLA, Skidmore College, Univ. of Arizona, Ohio State University, EWAH Univ at South Korea, Ayutthaya Rajbhat University, Thailand, Banaras Hindu University, Ravindrabharati University, IGNCA and many such educational cultural institutions. Her research papers are presented at reputed International conferences of CORD, JADE, WDA, CID, IGNCA and such. She is active member of various professional organizations such as ABHAI, IMACO, Shruti, CORD, WDA, CID.  Since 2012, Prof Shah is the India President of International Folk Art Organization, IOVA a UNESCO body.

Her major dance productions are Rajyalaksmi, Buddha Tattva, Dipta Kailash, Kanya Viday,  Abhishap,  Chetana, Shri Chandramaulishwar Kuravanji, Shri Antaryami, Nirguna,  Abhishap, Kavi-Kavita-Gujarat, Random Graces and many creative items in solo and group formats.  Most of them are women centric. Her main focus is expanding the horizons of Bharatanatyam, so that the strength of the classicism enriches the coming generations. In July 2017, she taught Garba in Derbyshire UK to the professional Modern Dancers for the 70 years celebration of India-Britain relations.  She was invited by the M P Government Cultural and Tourism Department to curate the Exhibition NEPATHYA as part of the world famous Khajuraho Dance Festival in February 2018.

New interpretations to the myths, sensibility and imaginary to traditional lyrics, new choreography with regional languages and popular music goner are her forte. 

She became very popular with the chorography of all dances of 1st Ramayana of Ramanand Sagar. She is equally versatile in the Classical, Folk, Contemporary and Creative dance.  Her disciples are not only in Baroda and India but also in USA, Italy, Singapore, Canada etc. Prof. Shah is the recipient of Mahakal Sangit Ratna, Gujarat Rajya Gaurav Purasker, Rotary International award and many grants and fellowships. Her administrative strength is much valued and has earned her great respect of hard working task master. She has continued to organise many events. She is the Curator of  Nritya Parva, from 2008, an annual national and International dance festival, which she started in 1981 in memory of her late Guru.  Move India Move for Change in 2013 was a specially designed event for the national cultural enclave for all India Universities. She has chaired and is member of many academic and cultural committees on local, state and national and international level. She is well versed in handling an active performing career, running successfully her repertory company Anjali Memorial Committee, intense research as well as guiding the doctoral scholars and being a warm, intense woman!

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BAHRAIN – National Section Chair 
Chair of Legal Committe

Hanady Essa Al.Jowde

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Hanady Essa Al.Jowde is born in Muharraq, Bahrain.


  • Degree in Law (United Arab Emirates University)
  • Masters in Law (University of Bahrain)
  • PHD in law (currently – University of Bahrain)
  • Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), 2007
  • Diploma in Political Development, 2008
  • Advanced Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming, 2009

Positions Held

  • Lawyer, at Nasser Alshaik Mohmed Almubarak office
  • Lawyer, Legal consoler (ministry of housing, municipalities and environment)
  • Teacher of Human Rights Law at University of Bahrain
  • Head of the legal Affairs department in the middle area municipality (currently)
  • Member of the Arbitration Commercial Centre
  • Director of the International Organization of Folk Art (Bahrain branch)
  • Member of the council of the folk’s poetry society
  • Vice-president of the council of the society of folks poetry
  • Supervision of the committees and activities of the female poet members of the society, 2004/2005/2006
  • Head of the media committee and the Publications Committee in the society
  • Member of the national culture forum  administration council, 2008/ 2015
  • Member of the programs and activates committee and secretariat of the PR committee national culture forum
  • Member and secretariat of the Wednesday gathering of  Bahrain writers and Authors society and it’s programs and activities committee (Previously)
  • Holder of many participation and attendance training sessions in commercial arbitration, e-trading and legal affairs
  • Supervision of many forums in poetry and literature on many web-forums


Writing and publishing

  • started writing literary pieces and folks poetry in 2001 and publishing in 2002


Author of (The Criminal Protection of Public Domain) – participated in countless training sessions, forums, poetry events and activities in and out of the kingdom.

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Financial Director

Henk Huijser  

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Henk Huijser was born and raised in the Netherlands.

After primary school and secondary school, he studied law at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam and followed many financial trainings.

He started his career as an accountant and then he worked for  the Dutch government. First as a customs officer and then as a tax-officer. The last 10 years of his working-career he worked as a team leader for the Dutch FIOD (IRS).

He is a member of IOV Netherlands since 1993. He was an active dancer with the West Frisian Folklore in the Netherlands and he was involved in organizing the Folklore Festival in Schagen as a treasurer and impresario. Since 2006 he is the director of the World Dance Festival Schagen. In this position, he has contacts throughout the world.

Henk has been the treasurer of IOV Netherlands since 2013 and since September 2015 he is also the treasurer of IOV World and he gives his full support to this wonderful global organization.          

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Chair of Communication & Publications Commission

Nour El-Houda Badis

Download Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

  • Obtained the professorship in the Arabic language and literature (1989)
  • Obtained the competence certificate in the scientific research (Tunis 1991)
  • Obtained the PHD in the Arabic language and literature (Tunis 1991)
  • Qualification in the Arabic language and literature
  • International Organization of Folk Arts (IOV), Secretary for Tunisia & North Africa Region 2007
  • Folk Culture Field work teams Director for IOV – Middle East & North Africa
  • Member of Editorial Board of (Folk Culture) Magazine – Bahrain
  • A member in the research lab in argumentation and rhetoric in the faculty of Arts in Mannoba
  • A scholar in the field of criticism, rhetoric and literature theories
  • She has got a number of published books, articles and researches in many Tunisian and Arab magazines
  • She participated in a number of scientific seminars inside as well as outside Tunis

She has conducted a number of researches, such as:

  • The Arab conception of the relationship between the term and the meaning and its impact on their understanding to the figuration expression (faculty of Arts – mannoba)
  • Studies in the oration, the Arab Institution for Studies and Publication – Beirut 2008
  • The eloquence of infrequency and the eloquence of plentifulness – a research in conciseness and expatiation – The Arab Institution for studies and publication 2008
  • A critical study published in the book “Affinities”, published by “Printemps des Poetes – France”
  • A number of participations in seminars inside and outside Tunis
  • The forum of wondrous nature of the holy Koran studies (Tunisian university Annuals – Issue 35)
  • Dealing with the literature text – contribution in the seminar – argumentation in language literature and thought (the faculty of Human and social sciences – Tunis)
  • The text and the text impress (a study in a prevailing critical judgment “The charm of eloquence (indication in criticism and literature)
  • Aspect of altruism in the ancient Arab speech (faculty of Arts – Mannoba 2005)
  • The implied violence (a study in the senses disorder – Ahlam Mistghanmi (the woman`s conferences – Cairo 2001)
  • The modern Arabic Poetry and the modern Arab world issues (al-Qurain Cultured Festival 12th -2005)
  • “When Eiman Aseeri seeks a shelter in the fires and ashes “a study in a modern Bahraini poetic experience, the national Bahraini cultural forum – Bahrain 2006
  • The modeling in the language, Literature and thought (A seminar held in the faculty of Human and Social Sciences – Tunis – 2007)

Besides many of the translations and researches on translation, such as:

  • Within the limitation of interpretation, a translation of a text – lamberto Echo)
  • Translation – creativity or pliability (translation conference – Cairo 2002)
  • Is the individual effort enough for the translation of Encyclopedias (translation seminar and the knowledge society – Cairo 2006)


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GUAM/USA – National Section Chair

Judith Flores

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Judy Selk Flores is a historian, folklorist and professional batik artist.  She has lived in Inarajan, Guam since moving there as a child with her teaching parents from the U.S. state of Colorado in 1957.  She became fluent in the Chamorro language and married into the culture.  She attended the Guam public school system, graduating with a scholarship to the University of Guam where she earned a B.A. in Art Education and a Masters degree at the University of Guam Micronesian Studies Program.  She earned her PhD in Arts of Oceania from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. 

She taught Secondary School Art for 10 years, then worked as a folklorist for the Guam Council on the Arts (CAHA) for the next 10 years.  She helped found Gef Pa’go Chamorro Cultural Village in Inalahan and served as director, president and development officer until 2011. 

Judy was active in government cultural and educational events, where she organized Guam’s participation in the Festival of Pacific Arts (FESTPAC), traveling and representing Guam’s culture in many host Pacific Islands every 4 years from 1988 through 1996.  In 2016 she helped prepare traditional artists to host the Festival in Guam. 

Judy retired from the University of Guam in 2006; and continues in her role as Research Associate and consultant with MARC – the Micronesian Area Research Center at the University of Guam.  Her scholarly contributions include many publications and presentations at international conferences and seminars focused on the history and culture of Guam and Micronesia.  Judy Flores is known for her visual depictions of Guam’s history and culture through her batik art paintings.  The Guam Museum organized a retrospective exhibit of her art in October 2019 – February 2020, featuring over 300 paintings that spanned a 50-year period. More information is available on her website at guambatikgallery.com.

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Chair of the Science & Research Commission 

Mohamed Nouiri

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Mohamed Nouiri is an editor, writer and research Consultant for the Bahrain Royal Court.

Education: University of Tunis

  • 1998 PHD in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture (with great distinction)
  • 1985 Professeur Agrégé Arabic Language and Literature- highest scholarly award given by the state
  • 1982 Professional Certificate in Scientific Research
  • 1980 Mastery Certificate in Arabic Language, Literature and Culture
  • 1979 Graduate Certificate in General Linguistics
  • 1980 Graduate Certificate in Comparative Literature

Employment History

  • (1980-1985) Secondary School Teacher – Arabic Language and Literature

  • (1985-1987) Professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature – University of Tunis

  • (1987-1998) Assistant Professor – University of Tunis

  • (1998-2003) Co-Professor – University of Tunis

  • 2003 Professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature- University of Tunis

  • 1998-2005 Head of the Research and Publishing Department – University of Tunis

  • 2006-2008 Head of Research – University of Tunis

  • 2008 Professional consultant to the Bahrain Royal Court

  • 2008 Managing Editor and Head of the Scientific Committee – Folk Culture for Studies, Research and Publishing

  • 2016 Head of the Scientific Committee – The International Organization of Folk Art

  • Visiting Professor in several French universities throughout the years

Examples of published work

“Speech and Rhetorical Theory amongst Arabs”
“Rhetoric and the Culture of Manliness”
“Arabs and Sensory Poetry”

Hundreds of scientific articles, lectures and contributions in Paris, Lyon, Cairo, Amman, Morocco, Manama, Tunisia and more. 

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ARMENIA – National Section Chair

Mkrtich Hovhannisyan

Download Curriculum Vitae

Mkrtich Hovhannisyan was born in Gyumri, Armenia. In 2006 he graduated from the State Institute of Theatre and Movie, Department of Stage Directing. Afterwards, he did post-graduate studies at the Department of Theatre Study, where he is a candidate for a PhD.

Since 2006, Mkrtich has been teaching history of Russian, Armenian and foreign dramatic art and art criticism at the Institute of Theatre in Gyumri. At the same time, he is head of the Department of Arts History and Science at the same Institute.

Since 1998, he has been a dancer in an Armenian folk dance group. Mkrtich has produced several dramas at the Drama Theatre of Gyumri. He has also written several movie scene scripts. Mkrtich has participated in many festivals and cultural events all around the world. He describes himself as “a person of the arts,” and says he is devoted to the arts.

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EUROPE EST – Regional Executive Director

Liidia Vernygor

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Artist of Ballet, Choreographer, Manager, Art director, Honored Artist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Choreographers of Ukraine.

I was born on September 13, 1956 in the Poltava region and live in Kyiv since 1974.


After graduating from the Dnipropetrovsk Theater School (choreographic department), in 1974 I joined the work and worked as a ballet soloist in the dance group of the National Honored Academic Ukrainian Folk Choir named after Gregory Veryovka (1974 – 1998).
Over the years of my professional activity, I have toured with the ensemble in the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Latin American countries, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and South Korea.

Higher education received at the Institute of Arts of the National Pedagogical University named after M.P.Dragomanov in 2012.

Profession activities:

Artistic director, choreographer of the Exemplary children’s vocal-choreographic group “Shumka” of the Center for Aesthetic Education of Youth of Kyiv National University Taras Shevchenko (1993-2005).
The team became the winner of the I International Folk Festival “Music of the World” in Italy (1998). The team toured with the program in Argentina, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Director of the NGO “Center for Humanitarian, Cultural and Economic Cooperation Ukraine-Baltics” under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (2004-2010).

Art director of the Kyiv Academic Theater of Ukrainian Folklore “Bereginya” (2010 – 2011).

In recent years, since 2008, I worked as a choreographer, manager, art director with various folk ensembles and representing Ukrainian culture at the well-known international festivals of CIOFF and IOV organizations.

From February 2020 I was honored to have been appointed Regional Executive Director for Eastern Europe at IOV.

My task is to promote understanding and recognition of cultural diversity among all peoples, to create and provide support to representatives of Eastern European countries and national sections in order to spread the IOV mission.

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EUROPE WEST – Regional Executive Director
SPAIN – National Section Chair

Javier Rodrigo Ilarri

Download Curriculum Vitae

Javier Rodrigo Ilarri was born in Valencia. He holds a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and works as full-time professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. He is an active member of IOV since 2009. Between 1984-1991 he studied music and piano at the Conservatory of Music of Valencia. Since then his cultural activities have been mainly related to choral music through the organization of many events and cooperations between groups from different countries.

On 1990-1998 he was a member of the Sant-Yago University Choir of Valencia, being its President between 1992-1998. During this period he organized concerts in many countries around the world (Argentina and Brazil (1990) – Russia (1991) – Canada (1992) – United Kingdom (1993) – China (1994) – South Africa (1995) – Australia and New Zealand ( 1996) – Brazil (1997) – Austria (1998)) these activities being always sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Spain and the cultural authorities of the Valencian Community. He also organized visits to Spain of the corresponding groups (choirs and folk groups) of all these countries.

Between 1995-2002 he was a member of the National Youth Choir of the Spanish National Choir Confederation (COACE) with whom he represented Spain at the EuropaCantat Festival held in Nevers (France) in 2002. In 2000, together with other members of the National Youth Choir founded the vocal group MATERSAULE. In 2001 he founded the Choir of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, being its President between 2004-2008. With this university choir he has organized exchanges with choirs from Spain (Madrid and Salamanca (2002), Italy (2004-2005), Austria (2005- 2006) and Poland (2007). He was co-organizer of the International Music Festival “Millenium Pace” that took place in Valencia in 2003. In 2004-2005 he was director of the Museums and Donations Area of the Vice-Rectorate of Culture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In 2008-2009 he was a member of CAMERATA VOCALIS, chamber choir of the KarlEberhards Universität Tübingen with whom he participated in the International Choir Festival of Cork (Ireland) in April 2009. In 2003, he founded NEOVOCALIS, a chamber choir devoted to the study of contemporary vocal music. He has been active singer in this group since 2015.

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Chair of Festivals & practices Commission
THE NETHERLANDS – National Section Chair

Geert Nijhof

Geert Nijhof has been active in the International Folkloristic Dance festival SIVO in the Netherlands Since 1985 and a member of IOV Netherlands since 1993.

He presided over the SIVO festival in the period between 1990 and 2005, in which he collaborated with many folklore organizations from around the whole world.

He has been working as a freelance impresario for the SIVO-festival since 2005 in which he arranged a lot of cultural exchanges between groups in several countries. He also helped

with the organization of many other international festivals as well. He aims to preserve the traditional cultural heritage of all nations and to improve understanding between people from all nations by organizing festivals and other activities.

He was elected head of the IOV Netherlands section in March 2012 and has been active as the chair of the IOV-World Festival Commission, since the General Assembly of 2016.

His aspires to keep contributing to the IOV and to prove helpful in improving and maintaining a healthy and active IOV in addition to bridging the gap between festival organizations and folk-art groups.

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FRANCE – National Section Chair

Bernard Capet

  • President of the national section I.O.V for France since 2009 (member 3362)

  • Responsible of the “International Exchanges” commission at F.A. F. N (Fédération Amicale Folklorique Nationale of France) 70 groups

  • Founder, animator and President of the Arts and Popular Traditions group “Les Bons Z’enfants d’Etaples” laureat of numerous national and international reward (1968-

  • Co-Founder of the Museum of Maritime Arts and Traditions «Le Musée de la Marine d’Etaples»
  • Organizer of many exhibitions on the Arts and Popular Traditions (Costumes, musical
    instruments, headdresses, tools, old trades …… etc.)
    Jury of National Folk Festivals in France

  • Researcher, collector and animator of songs, dances, music in the North of France

  • Founder and President of the festival Arts and Popular Traditions “Hareng d’Or
    Competition” in France. (16 French groups) (1979-2004)

  • Founder and President of the “Festival of Peace” (7 international groups)

  • Founder and President of the festival “Hareng Roi” (Traditional songs of sailors)

  • Collaborator of many International Folklore Festivals in France (Dijon, Haguenau,
    Gannat, Amelie-les Bains, Confolens, Montreal d’Aude … etc.)

  • Member of federations of popular traditions in Bretagne “Warleur” et “Kendach”
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Fabrizio Cattaneo

Fabrizio Cattaneo began his musical studies at age of six, attending classes taught by many well-known teachers. In 1979, at age 12, he became a member of the folk group “Gioppini of Bergamo”, playing accordion, was President for period 1993 – 2013. He is a highly qualified instructor of folk dances and is a master Accordionist.

Fabrizio Cattaneo was appointed in 2015 as the IOV WORLD International Organization of Folk Art  as Acting Secretary General and confirmed in 2017 as Secretary General.

Others actual positions :

– Vice President in the Italian Folk Art Federation (FITP)
– Member of council of knights “Jure Pleno” in the Ducato of Piazza Pontida and  member of the board of the Crown
– Artistic Director in international folk dance festival of Bergamo
– President in IOV ITALY national section
– Artistic Director in folk group ” i Gioppini di Bergamo”

He is an entrepreneur, craftsman, electronics- technician computer, and owner of a company that provides technical assistance in audio, video, and computers.

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INDIA – National Section Chair

Deepak Tomar

“ A peaceful world… with love and friendship”  

The moto I try to live by. I would like to introduce myself as an Enthusiastic sportsman turned
Social Worker and Cultural Event Organizer who is Currently working under department of
Audit & accounts, Govt. of India since last 29 years.

Being passionate towards my dream helped me at each and every step of my life starting from
very early age when I became National Table Tennis player. My love towards sports helped me
to grab Government service which I’m proud to be associated still. Playing period might have
end due to Other occupancies in life but I’m still connected to my Table Tennis world as
currently I’m every now and then appointed as National Umpires and into Organizing
tournaments. Many national Level Table tennis events along with National level Marathon from
last 10 years (about 20 Thousand runners participates every year).

My ziest to return back to my society always pushed me to do something out of the Box.. As fate
played its game and my hard work payed back, Currently I’m serving as Festival DirectorInternational Dance festival “Udbhav Utsav”. Udbhav is a leading institute of sports and
cultural activities in India. Udbhav institute was founded in 1996 under the guidance of former
union minister and sports administrator Shrimant Madhav Rao Scindia, with the aim to
encourage the talents in INDIA. At present the activities of the institute are being run under the
auspicious patronage of union minister of state for commerce and industries Shrimant
Jyotiraditya Scindia.

Udbhav is not only limited to India, we are proud to share that Udbhav is Global in nature as it
continues to mark its position on world map from last 8 years spreading glory from Turkey,
China, Russia to Yakutia (Russia) covering 52 international participation.
All my life’s hard work paid of when I got the golden opportunity to represent India on Global
level as India Chair in International Organization of Folk Arts IOV. This organization gave me
ample opportunity to do something for Cultural Fraternity worldwide and contribute in making
it one global piece loving family.

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Emma Chen Hoefler

In 2007, Emma Chen Hoefler was elected IOV Treasurer at the General Assembly in Volos, Greece. After two years, she became Vice-President.
In 2007, Emma set a goal to organize the IOV national section of China. This was accomplished in 2012 and in 2014, she was re-elected Chair of the section at its annual membership meeting in Beijing.

Under Emma’s leadership, several large-scale, international projects and events have been organized. As a result, IOV China is growing rapidly. In her capacity as an IOV officer, Emma has promoted cultural exchanges between China and other nations. These include coordinating the participation of Chinese folk arts troupes in Dukat-Fest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Festival des Cultures du Monde de Gannat, in France, Summerfest International in Bountiful, Utah, USA, and Springville World Folkfest in Springville, Utah, USA.

In 2010, Emma chaired the committee that organized the Second IOV World Youth Congress, the first ever, large-scale event to be jointly produced by an International NGO and a major Chinese municipal government. This partnership between the city of Nanjing, China and IOV brought together over 300 young participants from 50 countries.
Emma is chair of the Center for Protection and Development of Folk Art in Luodai, China. She also serves as an advisory expert and consultant at the Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation of China.
Emma Hoefler has represented IOV at many different international meetings, including the Delphic Games in Russia.

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Dunguu Munkhnasan

Dunguu Munkhnasan was born in the Yesonzuil district of Uvurkhangai province in Mongolia.

  • College of Art and Culture, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (1987-1991)

  • Bachelor of Cultural Management (1998-2001)

  • Qualification in the English language (2000-2002)

  • Master of the Institute of Art and Culture, majoring in Culture Management (2006-2008)

  • Elected vice-chairwoman of the International Organization of Folk Arts (IOV), (2001-2004)

  • Elected president of Festival Commission of International Organization of Folk Arts (IOV)

  • Founder of CMPI Mongolia (2003)

  • Secretary of International Organization of Folk Art Mongolia, (since 2004)

  • Board Member of Mongolian Wind Music Association (2005)

  • National Representative of FIDAF Mongolia (2016)

  • Member of World Traditional Archery Organization (2017)

  • IOV Regional Executive director for ASIA (2017)

  • Honorary member of the World Academy of Chinggis Khaan (2000)

  • She participated and organized in a number of conferences, festivals, concerts, National days inside as well as outside Mongolia

  • Participated 3 biggest expo for Mongolian Pavilions. Geyonju International Silk Road expo in Korea, China Silk Road expo and Bio Medical expo in Korea
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Honorary President

Carmen Padilla

  • President, 2003-2016 of International Organisation of Folk Art (IOV)

  • Chair and Executive Director, 2000-2008 of Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA)

  • Chair of Culture Committee, UNESCO National Commission Philippines (UNACOM)

  • Vice Chair of UNESCO Memory of the World Committee for Asia and Pacific (MOWCAP)

  • Chair of UNESCO Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific Philippines

  • Centennial Awardee: Outstanding alumnae of the Centennial of the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila, Philippines

  • Centennial Awardee: Outstanding alumnae of the Centennial of the St. Scholastica’s College, College of Music, Manila, Philippines

  • PAX Awardee: Highest Award for alumnae of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila

  • Choir conductor

  • Concert pianist

Among his many published works are Gulf of Songs, Folklore Inspiration in Creative Works, and Folk Arts – Nations in Unison, in addition to a diverse array of poetry collections and operettas. His works have been translated to English and French, and have earned him wide repute. He has won a number of international awards, including the Cultural Competence Medal from the late President Bourguiba, of Tunisia in 1973, the International Grand Prize for Arts in 2006 in Romania and the Competency First Class Medal of HM King of Bahrain. In addition to his official position as the Secretary-General of the Isa Award for Service to Humanity, Ali Abdulla serves on its board.

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AMERICA – Regional Executive Director

Antonio Clerton Vieira da Silva

Professor and folklorist Clerton Vieira was born in the city of Fortaleza state of Ceará and resides in the city of São Paulo – Brazil since 2001.
Graduated in Hospitality and Events by UNIESP and Post Graduated in Psychopedagogy by UNIFAI.

He was Vice-President and National Secretary of IOV-BRAZIL, International Organization of Folklore and Popular Arts (2010/2012).

He was president of the Festival Committee CIOFF Brazil – International Council of Folklore and Traditional Arts Festivals.

He directed groups of folk dances in São Paulo, among them the Grupo Raízes da ACM – Christian Association of Young Men.

Former dancer of the Group of Tradições Cearenses. (Folkloric Ballet)
In 2005 he was awarded among the twenty best choreographers in the city of São Paulo. through ENDA – National Encounter of Dance and SINDDANCE – Syndicate of Dance.

Coordinated the Folkloric Ballet Filhos do Sol in Fortaleza / Ceará (1994 to 2001).

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UKRAINE – National Section Chair

Alla Lishun

  • Ukraine Nation Section Chair of the IOV (International Organization of Folk Art)of UNESCO;

  • member of the National Kobza-Players’ Union of Ukraine;

  • member of the Organization ‘Ukrainian Culture Foundation’;

  • participant of World Congress;

  • teacher of vocal and bandura classes;

  • specialist in musical therapy sessions;

  • volunteer of the organization ‘Prometej’ for disabled people;

  • active participant and co-organizer of International Contests and Festivals in Turkey, Spain, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic;

  • leader of the folk ensemble ‘BRE&OVI’.


I was born on January 7, 1981 in Varash, Rivne Region, Ukraine.

In 2000 after graduating from the Volyn State Music College I strated to work as a teacher of music. I graduated from Novovolyn College and European University where I got the diploma of an economist and a financial specialist in 2001 and 2008. I also received a diploma as a specialist in musical art at the Eastern European National University named after Lesia Ukrainka in 2015. From 2017 till 2018 I was working and studying the field ‘The Issue Of Spiritual and Culture Renaissance’.

I was a member of the bandura-players’ ensemble ‘Beregynya’ (2005-2016), ‘Dyvostuny’ (2010-2015) and a leader of the trio bandura-players’ ‘Ladni Krali’ (2015-2017). From 2010 till 2018 I was a member of the musical ensemble ‘Lisova Pisnya’.

I have been a leader of the folk ensemble ‘BRE&OVI’ since 2017.

I am an active participant in promotion and popularization the development of national cultures and I am a Member of the Jury in international contest ‘Pontiyska Arena ‘.


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Hans Joachim Holz

Hans Holz has chaired IOV Austria since 1995 and was the IOV secretary-general from October 2005 until June 2011. Besides his IOV activities, he was vice-mayor of the town of Andorf, Austria, where he was born, from 2003 to 2009, president of the Upper Austrian Choir Association from1999 to 2015, vice-president of the Austrian Choir Association from 2000 to 2004, and before youth chairman of the same association from 1991 to 2001.

He taught English, music and sports at Andorf high school since 1971. Beside his work as teacher and his many freetime-activities in sports, culture and poiltics he studied at the University of Passau, Germany.1n 1989 Hans received a master’s degree in pedagogical studies there.

He was the founder of the Music High School in Andorf. From 1999 to 2010 Hans was the headmaster of Andorf Music-Highschool. Beside this main job he taught as professor at the Teacher’s College in Linz for many years.

In his freetime he was an activist in choir music and folk culture. He founded the 3 Andorf Choirs, a male-, a mixed- and a youth choir. Between 1982 and 2003 he went on many concert tours with them around the world to present choir music from old Austrian and European masters, international folksongs, Austrian folk music and folk dances. Through all these years he successfully performed with his Andorf Choirs in more than 60 of the biggest cities on all continents and hosted about 30 international choirs from all the world in Andorf.

Since 1993 Hans has been a member of IOV and already in 1995 he became chairman of IOV-Austria, the biggest national section of IOV, which he is still leading. At the GA in 2006 in Korea he was elected to be Secretary General of IOV, following Alexander Veigl, the founder of IOV. Until 2011 he voluntarily worked very hard as Sec Gen. to change the structure of IOV with decentralisation and close cooperation with IOV-officers in many countries and in the newly formed different regions of all continents.

Another main achievement of Hans was the foundation of IOV-Youth. Because of his experience as Youth Chairman of the Austrian Choir Association it was his precious idea in 2007 to start IOV-Youth work to secure the future of IOV for the next generations. Together with IOV-USA he organised the 1st IOV-World Youth-Congress in the USA in 2008 and fully supported the 2nd in 2010 in China as Secretary General.

After all his hard work for IOV, national and worldwide, for more than 20 years he was elected at the General Assembly of IOV in Italy in 2016 to be Vice-President of IOV now.

For all his life-achievements in culture and folk culture he was thankfully honored by his hometown Andorf, by the federal government of Upper Austria and most of all by the president of Austria with the title, “Professor” in 2014.

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    Minimum requirements festival

    Festivals and groups must communicate promptly and professionally.
    Exchanging of all necessary information is the base for a professional organization.

    If possible, an application form should be used by the groups.
    Festival organizers offer such form after a request by groups or have it on the website of the festival.
    The application form has to be clear and must provide all the necessary information about the festival to interested groups.
    Festival organizers must be given a good view of the complete genre of performances by the use of video-information (YouTube-links), pictures, and a list of festivals where they recently have performed.

    * The kind of accommodations (e.g. hostel, hotel, school or host-family), meals, number of performances, duration of the performances, venues, technical abilities of venues.
    * The exact date of arrival for groups and the exact date of departure of the groups.
    * Exact information about the traveling situation during the festival dates. (pick-up from the airport and the return to the airport). The use of transport during the festival days.
    * The possibility of using recorded music during performances. (Yes or No).
    * The offer of pocket-money or other cost-compensations. (Yes or No)
    * The general program of the festival, including the spending of free time and sight-seeing.

    In IOV-festivals normally it’s not usual to ask for money to invited groups.
    In case the groups have to pay for participation, this has to be clarified by the festival organizers from the beginning of communications.

    * The composition of the group. (e.g. average ages of the participants, number of dancers (male/female), musicians, leaders, choreographer(s), translators, drivers).
    * The musical instruments that are used and the need for amplification.
    * The need to ask for VISA for traveling to the country of the festival. (Visa expenses are always in charge of the group).
    * Medical insurance for all group members must be taken out by the group.
    * Information about eventually other festivals where they are going to participate during the same tour.

    * The festival organizer has to communicate clearly about invitations to groups.
    * Selected groups will receive an official invitation for the announced festival. The invitation to groups will be sent at least 120 days before the start of the festival.
    * In unforeseen situations and necessary postponing of a festival it’s necessary to communicate clearly between organizers and groups.
    * The festival organizer will send to the invited groups a clear overview of the preliminary program of the complete festival.
    * The festival organizer has to explain the exact location and expected time of arrival.
    * After the first arrival of groups at the festival location, the organizer will explain to the members of the group about the rules during the festival.
    * The staff of the festival and representatives will be introduced to the group (e.g. guides, translators).
    * A schedule of the performances, locations, and duration will be given to the group leader.
    * The definitive program of the festival will be explained to the members of the group.
    * Information about the availability of first aid will be given to all members.
    * Information about time and locations for rehearsals will be given to the group leader.
    * Information about the use of dressing-rooms, maintenance of costumes, make-up for artists will be given to the group leader.
    * dimensions and surface of stages and technical equipment as amplification, lightning, stage monitors, dress-changes, stage attributes (chairs for musicians, etc.).

    In general, these must be clean, comfortable, quiet, safe, and secure.
    * Accommodations may be hotel, dormitory, school, hostel, or private home.
    * Pictures to be sent by the festival to the group if requested.
    * Bathroom with shower should be provided commensurate with the number of persons to be served.
    * locked sleeping rooms, and cleaned daily.
    * Hot and cold running water.
    * Drinking water provided.
    * Mirror for make-up/shaving.
    * Sufficient electrical outlets.
    * Comfortable beds with sufficient bedding and pillow.
    * Sufficient space for suitcases, hanging clothing, and costumes.
    * Seasonal heat/air-conditioning/ventilation.
    * On-site assistant or guide.
    * Area for socializing outside sleeping quarters

    * The guests should not have to purchase their food.
    * Meals must be provided (3 per day).
    * Food must be sufficient, nourishing, and tasty.
    * Enough drinking water at all accommodations. (including venues of performances)

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    We welcome the people of all nations to join our mission


    Small group


    Small folk art groups, instrumental or vocal ensembles with 8 members or less

    We thank you for your support!

    You have sent your request to the secretariat.

    Please note that membership is not complete unless payment is made.

    How to pay?

    Choose from one of the payment methods to complete the registration

    Membership fees should be paid in local currency to the Chair of your National Section. Where no national section exists, fees should be paid directly to the Treasurer. See options 2, 3,or 4.

    You can pay for your membership fees via Paypal. The safer, easier way to pay online!

    Use sparkasse  only if you pay in Euro’s  €
    Name of bank : Alg.Sparkasse Oberosterreich
    Bank Website : www.sparkasse.at
    IBAN: AT 30 2032 0321 0040 2191
    bic : ASPKAT2LXXX
    Bank Address:
    SPARKASSE  Oberosterreich
    Rathausstrasse 1
    4770 Andorf
    Use UNICREDIT only if you pay in Euro’s  €
    Name of bank : UNICREDIT ITALY
    IBAN:  IT 54 A 02008 11108 000104157045
    bic SWIFT : UNCRITM1H51

    for payment online with credit cards or debit cards by vivawallet at the following link: https://pay.vivawallet.com/fabriziofiore88

    to confirm your payment send Email with attached copy of bill to: info@iov.world
    specifying your personal details: nationality, Name. Surname, Address

    Send the receipt of the transaction to this mailbox

    When all the checks have been successful, you will receive an email at the registration address to complete the registration and set the password.

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    We welcome the people of all nations to join our mission




    Students, with legal Student-card, have a discount of 50%

    Your country has a National Section of IOV.

    National Sections who collect the fees of the members in their country within the norms contribute 50% of these revenues to the General Treasurer.

    Complete registration on the site of your national section.

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    Ali Abdullah Khalifa

    A Bahraini writer, poet, researcher and cultural enthusiast, Ali Abdullah Khalifa has been the Chair of the Bahrain office of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) since 1988. He is also the Director of Cultural Research at the Royal Court since 2001 and the Regional Executive Secretary of the IOV- Middle East and North Africa region from 2007 to 2012. In May 2012, he was elected IOV Vice-President for Publications. In November 2016, he was elected IOV President.

    Among his many published works are Gulf of Songs, Folklore Inspiration in Creative Works, and Folk Arts – Nations in Unison, in addition to a diverse array of poetry collections and operettas. His works have been translated to English and French, and have earned him wide repute.  He has won a number of international awards, including the Cultural Competence Medal from the late President Bourguiba, of Tunisia in 1973, the International Grand Prize for Arts in 2006 in Romania and the Competency First Class Medal of HM King of Bahrain. In addition to his official position as the Secretary-General of the Isa Award for Service to Humanity, Ali Abdulla serves on its board.