XIV IOV Conference, Andorf, Austria - Call for papers and abstracts.

Note: this 14th Scientific Confereance is a Special Project, organised by the National Sections of IOV Poland and IOV Austria



IOV 14th European International Scientific Conference of Folk Culture “Between Folk Culture and Global Culture in Contemporary Europe”. 

In Honor of Alexander Veigl, Founder of IOV, on the 10th Anniversary of His Death

Date of the conference: 23-26 November 2017

Place of the conference: Andorf (Austria)

The conference will consist of two parts:

1/ scientific (in English only), and

2/ commemorative (in either English or German).

The theme of the scientific part the conference is focused on the category of change based on relationship between authenticity and innovation (degrees of its admissibility by a regional/local community). It concerns in particular the processes of modernization, transformation and attempts at unification (homogenization) of particular national cultures, and especially folk cultures as their component parts – in their intangible dimension (broadly understood folklore, including e-folklore) and tangible dimension. It is hoped that the papers presented will formulate some diagnoses re: contemporary essence of folk cultures in European countries.

The topics of scientific considerations include in particular interpenetration of local, regional and global elements of cultures in the realms of folk systems of values, folkways, habits, annual and family rituals, external forms of religious practices, forms of folk art practices, daily and festive styles of life, tradition vis-a-vis creation of new trends, etc.

We invite paper proposals on this dynamics of change (and not static cataloguing of cultural facts).

Those willing to propose a scientific paper are requested to send its abstract about 2500 signs with spaces (about one page), by May 10th 2017 by e-mail (in Word.doc) to the following address: iov@hektor.umcs.lublin.pl

Those willing to propose a commemorative presentation are requested to submit a declaration of presentation (by the same date) sent to the following e-mail address: hans-joachim.holz@iov.at

As the number of participants will be limited the organizers must be allowed to select papers and commemorative speeches accepted for presentation.

Circular 2 will be sent mid May 2017 (only to those whose proposals are accepted for presentation at the conference): it will contain financial principles of the conference and further organizational details.

Chairpersons of the organizing committee: Prof. Dr. hab. Anna Brzozowska-Krajka (chair of International Commission for Science and Research for Central and Eastern Europe, chair of IOV Polish Section), Prof. Mag. Hans Joachim Holz (IOV 1st Vice-President, chair of IOV Austrian Section).

Members of the organizing committee: Dr. hab. Dorota ?wita?a-Trybek (Vice-chair for science and cultural practices IOV Polish Section), Agnieszka Monies-Mizera M.A. (secretary of IOV Polish Section), Henryka Kazubek M.A. (member of IOV Polish Section).

Lublin – Andorf, December 2016

On behalf of the organizing committee

Anna Brzozowska-Krajka                                                                                    Hans Joachim Holz