Science & Research & Financial

The bylaws of IOV provide in 5 Commissions. The ‘Science & Research & Financial Commission’ is co-chaired by Mohammed El Nouiri and Abdullah Saleh.
Visitors who want to be active in this commission and wish to become a member, contact Mohammed:

Folk Culture in Contemporary Europe

The Communication & Publications Commission of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) has published a book containing research papers presented in their first versions at the 14th European International Scientific Conference of Folk Culture of IOV. Edited by Professor Anna Brzozowska-Krajka, the book is titled:" Between Folk Culture and Global Culture in Contemporary Europe" and it was printed in Bahrain with the support of the IOV Presidential office.

What does the commission 'Science, Research & Financial ' do?

The Scientific and Research Commission is studying Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and produces documents and publications about it. 
ICH is a core task in IOV, because on this basis, IOV is accredited by Unesco to advise the Intergovernmental Committee. 

The Financial Commission provides direct advice to the Executive Committee of IOV World.

Conference: Lost/Looked for/ Tamed Cultural Heritage