The People’s Republic of China presents Bahraini poet Ali Khalifa with the International Cultural Communication Award


At a grand opening ceremony for the Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival, the Governor of Shanghai Province presented Ali Abdullah Khalifa, President of the International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) and a Bahraini poet, with the International Cultural Communication Award from the Supreme Council of Culture in the People’s Republic of China. The award is one of the most important cultural awards that China bestows upon international personalities who support China's successful communication with other cultures around the world. The event, which was held at the Municipal Stadium, was attended by 10,000 people including senior officials and international guests. The award was presented to Mr. Khalifa in recognition of his outstanding achievements in support of folk culture both locally and internationally, which have strengthened the successful international relations he established many years ago. The IOV’s exceptional efforts made it possible for staff in Shanghai to communicate with international folk arts groups from Alaska to Africa and from America to Australia, facilitating the successful organisation of the past nine consecutive his speech at the opening ceremony of the 10th Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival, Mr. Khalifa praised the People's Republic of China and China's political and economic role in the world. He lauded China’s strategic international partnerships and cooperation aimed at protecting intangible cultural heritage, saying, “Mutual understanding will bring the peoples of the world together and mutual love will resolve all problems; the folk arts can bring us closer and enhance our understanding of each other. “The Chinese media praised his speech and cited excerpts from it. Dr. Masumah Al-Mutawa, a representative of the IOV's Presidential Office in Manama, said, “The International Organization of Folk Art cooperated successfully with the Festival’s organising committee, preparing more than 50 international folklore groups to participate in this festival. Our Presidential Office has provided outstanding services to all who are involved in the protection of the world's cultural heritage.” The Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival will continue until the end of November, showcasing teams from around the world in a program that will be held in different parts of Shanghai.