National Section Chair IOV Brasil

Antonio Clerton Vieira da Silva

Artistic Name:  Clerton Vieira

D.R.T / SP :       208.48 - Dancer artist

Address:            Martins Fontes' street - 164 - apt: 101

Neighborhood: Centro - São Paulo - SP.

CEP:                   01050-000

Contacts:          +55 -11 98539-2315



Professor and folklorist Clerton Vieira was born in the city of Fortaleza state of Ceará and resides in the city of São Paulo - Brazil since 2001.

- Graduated in Hospitality and Events by UNIESP and Post Graduated in Psychopedagogy by UNIFAI.

He was Vice-President and National Secretary of IOV-BRAZIL, International Organization of Folklore and Popular Arts (2010/2012).

- He was president of the Festival Committee CIOFF Brazil - International Council of Folklore and Traditional Arts Festivals.

- Coordinated. He directed groups of folk dances in São Paulo, among them the Grupo Raízes da ACM - Christian Association of Young Men.

- Former dancer of the Group of Tradições Cearenses. (Folkloric Ballet)

- In 2005 he was awarded among the twenty best choreographers in the city of São Paulo. through ENDA - National Encounter of Dance and SINDDANCE - Syndicate of Dance.

- Coordinated the Folkloric Ballet Filhos do Sol in Fortaleza / Ceará (1994 to 2001)