who is who - Emma continued CV

  • Chief Editor, Annul Report on the Development of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (2015), one of projects sponsored by Academic Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Honorary Director of Editorial Board “the World of Chinese”, the Commercial Press
  • Honorary Chief Editor of the magazine “Rural Geography”
  • First owner of Gold European, “European Award for Promoting Arts and Culture” by European Union of Arts (EUA) in Asia
  • Initiator, promoter of the application from the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders for the List of Memory of the world
  • In 2011, honored by “Chinese world”, CCTV as “Chinese rose blooming in Heidelberg”;
  • In 2012, honored by “People’s Daily” overseas version as “cultural ambassador walking in between the East and West “;
  • In 2012, honored by CCTV Agriculture Channel and the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association as “Person of the Year of country style list”;
  • In October 2014, honored by the Folklore Association of the Czech Republic with “Award of Excellence” ;
  • In November 2015, honored by Russian Ministry of Culture with “Award for Contribution to Folk Art”;
  • In June 2016, honored by European Union of Arts (EUA) with Golden European “European Award for Promoting Arts and Culture”. This is the first award that Asian scholar or artist has ever received. The value is “In recognition of Ms. Emma Chen hoefler’s life time achievements in supporting European art and traditional culture”;

Graduated from the Communication University of China, Emma had made great achievement in the fields of news and media as a famous a reporter, director, and a producer of Beijing Television. In the late nineties she migrated to Germany. After joining IOV, she was elected treasurer, vice president in 2009 and 2012. For the previous years, she has been walking in between the West and East and committing herself to the excavation and protection of folk art and cultural heritages of the countries in the world. She has successively planned, hosted and participated in Dukat Folk Art Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the International Folklore Forum, Poland, Youth Congress 2008 (Salt Lake City, US), Jiuzhaigou International Endangered Cultural Heritages Protection Forum 2009 (China), Nanjing World Youth Cultural Heritage Protection Forum 2010 (China), Shanghai International Forum of Traditional Handicrafts 2013 (China). From 2013, She has planned and organized China (Guizhou) International Folk crafts and Cultural Products Expo, Tianjin International Folk Art Expo, Beijing CITIC “One Road, One Belt and One City” International Folk Art Expo and some other big international expos. She has also participated in the NGO Forum, the Intergovernmental Committee on the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritages as the representative from IOV.

As the Chair of IOV China, Emma has organized and led tens of folk art troupes such as China National Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble, Guizhou Song and Dance Ensemble, Inner Mongolia Wushenqi Ulan Muqir, Yunnan Lijiang Song and Dance Ensemble, Shanxi Fenyang Song and Dance Ensemble, Datong Vocational School Song and Dance Ensemble to take part in the international cultural exchange events in U.S., France, Korea, Brazil, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary.

Apart from cultural exchange, Emma also has intensive involvement in academic events. She founded Luidai Center for the Protection of Folk Art in 2011, Cui Zimo Studio for Transnational Artists in 2013 and conducted folk art field investigations together with the artists from Germany, Bahrain, U.S., Tunisia, Benin in Guizhou, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shanxi provinces. During their investigation tour, donations including an art library were made to the Shiqiao Primary School in Danzhai county, Guizhou and Peng Denghuai Art Troupe for Disabled People respectively. In 2015, She co-founded the International Folk Art Research Institute with Guizhou University. So far, she has published books like “’ One Road and One Belt’- from Vision to Action”, “Annual Report of ‘One Road and One Belt’” and nearly one hundred papers on various kinds of academic fields. As a senior expert in cultural heritage protection and its value representation, she shared her expertise and experience through her lectures given to Beijing University, East China Normal University, Shanghai University, Party School of CPC, Management Cadres College of State Ethnic Affairs Commission, Anhui University, Guizhou University, Southwest University for Nationalities, Huazhong University of Science and Technoligy, People’s University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Jinan University, Inner Mongolia Chifeng Cadres Center.

Being the tourism and cultural ambassador recruited through invitation by the Guizhou provincial government, Emma has organized “Guizhou Tourism and Cultural Introduction Conference”,
“China-Czech Folk Crafts Exhibition” and other events for Guizhou and guided the delegations from the province to visit Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech and so on. Her effort for promoting tourism, establishing good relations and cooperation between Guizhou and the other countries has achieved remarkable effect and are widely acknowledged by the government and people.

Emma is the first initiator on the application from the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders for the List of Memory of the world. She promoted the progress at her Utmost with her professional advisory support as an expert of cultural heritage. The same work has been done devotedly to the world heritage and ICH projects of Nanjing Brocade, Shanxi Old Vinegar Brewing Techniques, Common Belief of Guangong, Hunan Yongshun Chieftain City, Wenxi Decorated Steamed Bread, Chinese Abacus, Chinese Cuisine, Tibetan “Four Medical Tantras” Shanxi “Rishengchang Bank”, Jingdezhen “Porcelain Making Books”. Besides, she is actively engaged in the recreation program of new villages, researching the topics on Ancient Villages and Tourism Development, Cultural Heritage and Particular Villages, Cultural Output and Promotion in “One Road and One Belt” Construction.

Emma is also an author. Her books published like “My beloved baby”, “Pick a Star for You”, “Platinum Liked Qualities of Children”, “Time ideal a little time”; “Squat, and watch the world with your children” highlights her attainments in childhood education.

In November 2016, Emma was re-elected Vice President of IOV in Bergamo, Italy.